Thoughts about the New Year

Thoughts about the New Year

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As the New Year’s resolutions start flowing freely, I have up until now believed that everyday was ripe enough to begin something new, that we did not need to wait for the 1st of January to make a change, or adopt a new habit. It always felt too clichéd and contrived. I have never made any resolutions, and have not felt the need to pigeon hole myself into believing the 1st of January in the New Year was the key date to make amazing things happen. For me, everyday provides these opportunities.

While I still subscribe this line of reasoning, I am also beginning to understand why the winter time is conducive to reevaluating and musing over personal and professional goals and aspirations. In the Northern Hemisphere, when we take a look at what is going on in nature, we see evidence of all that is dormant. The leaves have been shed from the trees, and the roses are long gone.  The animals have found their resting place for the winter and all is quiet on the surface. It is only once you dig deeper, that you see there is a collective energy that is building. The earth is in the process of riding out the cold winter months, and preserving the energy that will drive the growth in the Spring. There is preparation for a rebirth.

In Ayurveda, we think of winter as combination of Kapha and Vata energy, depending on where you live. Cold and dry winters are predominately Vata, whilst the wet, snowy winters are Kapha/Vata times. Kapha gives us the stability and stillness that we need to take pause in our lives, and Vata gives us the movement or kinetic energy that fuels the creativity to drive our goals into action. So, it really is no coincidence that we start so many new resolutions at this time of year, that somehow we are mirroring nature’s intelligence.

This year I am honoring the best of both worlds as I contemplate the experiences, achievements, and challenges of the current year, whilst constructing a framework for I want the New Year to look like. I am excited about the opportunity to clear the slate, and to refocus and reenergize. It is a privilege to to able to share the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda. I am humbled by the incredible opportunity to touch the lives of so many. Ayurveda has given me this ability and for this, I am forever grateful. Here’s to wishing you a blissful year ahead!