A Thankful Mother’s Day

A Thankful Mother’s Day

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On this Mother’s Day, I reflect on how my mother has shaped me into what I am today. My passion for cooking comes from my mom. She is a truly gifted artist when it comes to creating delicious meals. Over the years I have watched her dedicate her life to feeding our family and friends, and being genuinely elated when the meal goes down with pleasure. No matter what was happening in life, a good meal was the fix-all for everything.

As a child, I remember my father welcoming in anyone that just stopped by for a minute. He would bring them into the kitchen and sit them down, and there would be an extra plate served. My mother invariably would have made enough food for a few more people than in the family, so there was always extra. The visitor always left full, and deeply satisfied by the incredible meal.

My mother is beyond passionate about cooking, she has taught me everything I know. I was twelve years old when she first introduced me to how to create a full Indian meal. She just gave me the menu in the morning and left, and I had to figure it out. Growing up, she always challenged me to keep striving. I had always been the little helper from a young age, so I suppose she found something in me that she felt she could guide.

I was always aware of the the spices that my mother used. She has jars and containers of all kinds of spices, and she still never measures anything; spices and herbs are just sprinkled in, and the magic happens. My fascination for spices and cooking continues to this date, the fragrances and flavors are spectacular, but now I have an appreciation of the medicinal qualities too. When I add in the spices, I feel like a conductor guiding the ingredients to bring their uniqueness to the dish, and create balance in the meal.

Motherhood is an incredible journey, and as I look back on the years with my own mother, I am filled with gratitude for all the things that my mother has given me. With pride I thank her for teaching all of us to be strong and independent, and for knowing right from wrong. Thank you Mummy. Happy Mother’s Day!